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Why us?

'Consolidation' of freight refers to the collection and storage of goods in the warehouses of the company. It is economically unprofitable to transport small-scale freight shipments into Ukraine. Therefore, our company provides opportunities for consolidation of goods in the warehouse until a vehicle is fully loaded.

Warehouses are equipped with all the necessary facilities for storage, handling and labeling. Conditions offered in the warehouses by our company are fully consistent with all generally-accepted standards.

Furthermore, we organize the reception of cargo at European ports and their subsequent storage for consolidation or to a recipient.


Warehouse services include

  • loading of the goods onto the vehicle;
  • unloading of the vehicles;
  • labeling of consignments;
  • consolidation of consignment items;
  • assembling shipment units
  • transshipment from one vehicle to another.

years of experience

Exclusively professional experts work on the SIA-Brok team. They aim to create the best conditions for your business.
We have been working on this for six years. We have confidence in the course we have chosen.
Despite the difficult economic conditions we are responding effectively
to changes both in the business environment and in the field of legislation as a whole.