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Why us?

Optimal logistics and customs clearance are no longer a luxury but a necessity in maintaining a competitive advantage, and an obligatory component of a successful business.

We provide a personal approach to each client. Our team coordinates all phases of the procedure, step by step, starting with shipment and finishing with the delivery to the customer. We provide our customers with regular updates regarding the status of their shipment.

Quality and responsibility combined with competitive prices make our company a reliable partner for all foreign economic operators.

Offices of our company can be found in Lutsk, in Kyiv, and in the village of Starovoytove (customs house “Yagodyn”)

Services that we provide:

Customs Brokerage services
  1. Accreditation (re-accreditation) of companies at the customs;
  2. Making foreign economic contracts and their translation into English, Polish and German;
  3. Customs clearance of various kinds of freight and international express shipments (sending of goods);
  4. Customs clearance of various kinds of vehicles and machinery;
  5. Determination of code according to the Ukrainian nomenclature of the goods;
  6. Preliminary calculation of customs duties;
  7. Filling in the CMR, TIR form;
  8. Provision of advisory information on customs value;
  9. Identification inspection of cargo;
  10. Translation of shipping documents for customs;
  11. Drawing up invoices, specifications, packing lists and their translations into English, Polish, German;
  12. Consultation on international commercial activity;
  13. Placing of goods at temporary storage warehouses and custom warehouses.
Registration of essential permits
  1. Filling in the essential marks on the shipping documents;
  2. Processing of certificates of goods' origin- form CT-1, form A, form EUR-1;
  3. Processing of CCI expert’s conclusion;
  4. Processing of conclusions of sanitary and epidemiological service;
  5. Processing of conclusions, certificates and declarations of compliance in conformity to State Ukrainian Standard
  6. Processing of conclusions of the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies;
  7. Processing of conclusions of the State Gemological Centre of Ukraine;
  8. Registration of permits of the Ministry of Ecology;
  9. Registrations of permits of Security Service of Ukraine.
Mediation services in international commercial transactions
  1. Commission agent, consignor services;
  2. Services of consignee;
  3. Import, export from beginning to end.

What you need to know before launching foreign commercial operations:

years of experience

Exclusively professional experts work on the SIA-Brok team. They aim to create the best conditions for your business.
We have been working on this for six years. We have confidence in the course we have chosen.
Despite the difficult economic conditions we are responding effectively
to changes both in the business environment and in the field of legislation as a whole.